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GPS : 14°08'28.27"N - 16°39'33.29"O


Long trip in a pirogue (the whole day)

From Ndangane Sambou, a trip in a traditional pirogue to the south of the Delta in order to discover the islands and their inhabitants, while gliding over the remote bolongs lined with the mangrove. You are guaranteed exotic new surroundings! Traditional lunch in a family on an island.

Short trip in a pirogue (about two hours)

From Ndangane Sambou, a trip in a traditional pirogue along the bolongs of the Delta in order to discover thousands of birds (preferably early in the morning or late in the afternoon).

Long-line fishing

From Ndangane Sambou, long-line fishing with a local pirogue with a 40 CC’s Yamaha engine for a whole day or a half day. Fishing tackle and baits are supplied.

Visit of the bush villages on a traditional cart (approximately two hours)

Ride on a traditional cart in the bush going through several pretty villages and visit of a traditional market (preferably early in the morning or late in the afternoon).

Weekly market in Ngueniene (a half day)

Every Wednesday morning, visit with a local guide of a typical market with its colours, its scents, its surprising objects an its particular atmosphere.

Visit of Joal Fadiouth (a half day)

Visit of the historical town and of the graveyard with its shells in the footsteps of Senghor with a registered local guide, with a stop on the way back near the sacred baobab (“the biggest one in Senegal”)

Discovery of the vast area and of the ocean (a half day)

After driving through the nature reserve of Yayeme with its typical palm trees, discovery of the lagoon of Palmarin, of the salt pits and of thousands of birds, stroll along the wild coast and visit of the fisherman village of Djiffer.

Riding through the bush

Discovery of the bush and the lagoon with local trained horses and a guide.

Arrival of fishermen in Mbour and visit of the Bandia game reserve

Visit of the fish market and arrival of the pirogues in Mbour. And then visit of the Bandia game reserve where the Senegalese biotope, as it was about a hundred years ago, has been perfectly well recreated. Lunch on the spot by the oxbow-lake with its crocodiles.

Traditional Serere wrestling

Traditional wrestling tournament to the sound of the tom-toms and of the bewitching beats. Worth seing.

Sunday catholic mass in Yayeme

Attend the traditional Sunday mass with its choir in the little parish in Yayeme ; visit of an artisan market.